A Visit with Patsy

I recently was in Nashville pursuing my dream of writing by attending a workshop called Shaking your Tree given by Patsy and Danya Clairmont. I had the good fortune to meet someone I hope becomes a dear friend. Her name is Cheryl and she is a writer too. Cheryl responded to the call from Danya to offer me a ride from the hotel to and from Patsy’s house for the two sessions that we attended together. Cheryl answered the call and a new friendship is born. That is how it is. Our lives are interconnected. You will meet so many people in your life. Some will be with you always and some for just a moment. Be kind and loving. Be generous in offering yourself just in case this friend will be the one to walk with you on the rest if your journey. To Cheryl, Patsy, Les, Danya, Karen, and the other women who attended the Shaking Your Tree workshop. Welcome. Join me in my journey. Dear Heavenly Father, help us each to have a welcoming spirit. Thank you for each of these people I met in the workshop you fashioned just for me. Thank you for Patsy and for Danya for their sharing of their gifts to help us share ours. Help each of us to see the new friends. That you put in our paths and protect each of us from harm. I pray for all of out intentions through Jesus Christ our Heavenly Lord. Amen.
Someone Else’s Mom


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